The Korean Tea Exhibition – Event Report

I am happy to report the 2012 Korean Tea Exhibition hosted by the Tea Institute at Penn State went inordinately well.

Putting on events like these are an unbelievable amount of work, but thanks to my officers and the members of the Institute, not to mention all of the Institute Members, we were able to come through and put on an event that exceeded all of our expectations.

A special thanks goes out to all of our speakers, Brother Anthony of Taize, Professor Park of Inje University, Tea Master Hyo-am (Mr. Hong), and Steven Owyoung.

Our good friend and a presenter at the Exhibition, Steven Owyoung, has written up a very nice report on it here.

Only 3 weeks till I’m in Korea with 4 other Institute Members!


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2 thoughts on “The Korean Tea Exhibition – Event Report

  1. Jason,

    I did wonder if I might hear from you regarding my request to read more of your work. I am surprised and delighted by the subtlety of your response. Mind you that it is only by chance that I happened to notice the lone “cultofquality” linking tsiosophy to your site. Being antediluvian by nature and perversely proud of antiquarian manners, I remain technologically challenged. So, it was by a an auspicious fluke that I stumbled across Cult of Quality and now write to you.

    You must be busy with the upcoming trip to Korea and shepherding the Institute members around the peninsula. Have a wonderful time visiting Seoul, Busan, and Mount Jiri.

    With all best wishes,
    From one cup to another,


  2. Dear Steve,

    Great to see you found me,
    and thanks for the first post on this blog!

    Korea Updates will be posted soon!

    All the Best,

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