Shinto ChaXi

We hiked up behind one of the largest Shinto complexes in Southern Kyoto, walking along a stream, and stroling just fast enough to keep the mosquitoes at bay.

We came to a beautiful spot on one of the many branching trails, Shinto shrines in every direction, and made chaxi by one we found captivating.

Quite a nice session, and our last in Japan. Just as I was getting use to having matcha at the end of our chaxi’s too…

I’m so happy Mr. Koike has taken to the idea of chaxi. I think by the time I return (with Institute members), he will have a group up and running, making matcha in nature all over Japan. One can hope!

– Jason

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2 thoughts on “Shinto ChaXi

  1. Was this the Fushimi Inari shrine with the thousands of torii gates? If it is, we visited this one too- they filmed Memoirs of a Geisha there. : ) Beautiful place!

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