Dissatisfied: Enterprise Rent-A-Car

We needed a spare car for my week long jaunt in Miami (where I grew up most of the time), and this is what they gave us.

That’s right. 5 keys. 2 electronic and 3 hardware. Is that $1,000 worth of keys? On a sealed wire ring? Do they think adding weight will make you less likely to forget it? Or will it be the growing mass of hatred from trying to fit this in your pocket that reminds you?

Ya, One Thousand Dollars worth of keys.

I’m surprised they don’t higher the mugger to wait for you outside the lot.

Not OK.

– Jason

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6 thoughts on “Dissatisfied: Enterprise Rent-A-Car

    • The car was fine… But its either irresponsible of the company, or a devious ploy for money, to give a costumer 5 keys to the same car… Loosing a key sucks, buy having $1000 worth of keys with you is really quite dumb.

      – j

  1. Jason,

    I would like to discuss this further. Please email me at care[at]enterprise.com with complete details, exact renting location and rental agreement number. Please use ref. # 120808-003092 in the subject line of the email. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

    Thank you
    Enterprise Rent a Car

  2. We just rented a car today and have a similar problem. Yeah, having several keys wired together on one ring is either a really dumb plan or an ingenious one!

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