NYC weekend

Why fly up to NYC for the weekend?

For the requisition of supplies at Zabar’s of course!

The dearth of the artisan market throughout the country has been a limiting factor in the cultures spread; and while Wegmans is OK and Whole Foods is… OK… there is no replacing the local. You don’t go to Wegmans for community.


I also took a quick stop at Grom’s Gelato.

I started eating Grom’s back in 2006 while living in Florence, Italy. I’m happy to see they have been successful.  They use all natural flavors actually made from the fruit/nut/drink (synthisized flavors can be ‘natural’ and ‘organic’), and on a whole, it is some of the best gelato available. That said, there espresso gelato needs some work. It was mostly a dark roast over extracted bitter brew; not a true set of pulled espresso shots. Considering the work involved in making that, its not a suprise, but considering their commitment to quality, and the price charged for it, I expect better.

The hazel nut, on the other hand, was perfect.

This sums up my weekend in NYC. Obviously.

– Jason

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