Server Problems

I’m not much of a sysadmin. At all really. Its great that I can even run basic Linux commands. So, in hindsight it may not have been the best idea to host this blog myself.

I self-host this blog on AWS using a t1.micro instance running 64 bit Linux. For the most part, it’s very easy and I’m very happy.

But every 2 months my blog unexpectedly crashes. No response from the server. No way to SSH into it. Nothing.

I have worked around this by making a new server every time it happens (3 times now) and loading the EBS, and restarting httpd and mysqld.

Blog back up and fixed in no time.

Yet it would be quite a bit nicer if this never happend.

If I can’t find a solution, I will probably have to change servers.

Very sorry about the blog being down!

– Jason

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