Totally Satisfied: Enterprise Rent-A-Car

Those of you who read my non tea/coffee/tasting related posts will remember the little problem I had with Enterprise Rent-A-Car on Aug 5th.

And while they never got back to me about handing out car keys like Greek Bonds, I am happy to report that they have forever won my favor (though a different location) .

My mother stopped by the new location with a warning light on the dashboard about low tire pressure around 2pm. The manager looked and decided it was fine, but by 5:45 the tires were flat, and my mother was stranded at a gas station soon to be late for a city board meeting (which she sits on).

The manager sent an intrepid employee to come to the rescue with a new car, traded with my dear mother, and she made it to her meeting on time. Paperwork was filled out on the spot, and their was no charge.

Very good service. This was far over and above what was expected, and they have won our business for renting a car in the future.

– Jason

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