The Jason M Cohen Asian Art Gallery at Penn State University

I am overjoyed to have been honored by the Tea Institute at Penn State as they announce our new new art gallery in the Chinese Tea House.

The one day I don't wear a suit....

The gallery came about because of the work of he leadership after me, particularly the 2nd Executive Director, Ryan Ahn, and the 3rd Executive Director, Zongjun Li. The two of them raised funds for the renovation of the Chinese Tea House, and included the installation of an art gallery in the new design.

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Better Beer Through AI – Podcast

This is old news at this point,
but I got interviewed back in February by the NVIDA AI Podcast on the work we’re doing at Analytical Flavor Systems.

I talk a lot about how our AI platform is now integrated deeply into new product development, and how we’re helping companies make a greater variety of niche products, which are more competitive products, which makes better products for everyone.

Give it a listen here: