2017 Summer in Japan and Korea: Back on the tea fields

It’s been a long 5 years years since I was in Korea.

I missed the food, I missed the tea, and most of all – I missed the people. I could not have been happier to see my friends Mr Hong (Tea Master Hyoam), Brother Anthony, Anshi Sung (the Onggi ceramic Master), and Mr Jang (Inje University) again.

I spent a ton of time with Mr Hong while I was in Korea ~ drinking tea, meeting with everyone we knew and had worked with, and enjoying the food and makgeolli.

We went down to Mr Hong’s tea farm. I wanted to be there again, see how things have changed, and touch the tea. The growing season this year was very short as heavy rains started almost two months early, but the tea that was picked and processed was excellent.

It won’t be 5 years until I’m back again!

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