Guest Post – A tea poem by Jonathon Ready

Guest Post by Jonathan Ready:

I was sitting in her tea house.  My breaths came harder every time.  The air was thick with the steam from the boiling kettles. Drip Drip Drip the water runs off my nose falling on the Tatami mats. FFFF exhale, FFFF exhale, humidity coating my nose and the scent of brewing Oolong mixed with a floral scent.  I yearn to keep feeling.  I open my eyes and the type of light that you get from hardwood and candlelight allows me to sense the center.  My whole body aches when she picks me and lays me down on a bamboo mat.  She carefully waits as I dry she is carefully doing this to me, but I know she is doing it for her own enjoyment.  She withers me and rolls me.  Just the way I like it.  She likes to bruise me.  I like the pain too.  She lightly roasts me and tosses me with her bare hands.  The heat and the fruit-wood smoke.  Perfect. Then she leaves me there balled up in the fetal position.  She picks me up like a baby and drops me into my bath.  I unfurl, weightless.  And she enjoys me.

That was…  sexy….

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