Korea 2012 Guest Post – Julie Miller 4

Returning to a place you have come to love is always a wonderful experience. No, I’m not talking about home, though the call of a good hamburger has been hard to resist at times. I am talking about the wonderful city of Seoul.

A few day ago, the five of us boarded the KTX train and it wasn’t long before we had arrived at yongsan station. I have to say it was an odd sensation, knowing where I was going. Most of our trip has been spent in a slight state of confusion about directions and transportation, but in Seoul we already had the subways figured out and we already had out lists of everything we needed and wanted to do before we left this wonderful country.  My list consisted of some shopping, both for clothes and gifts for my friends and family, and of course a little more tea and tons of delicious food. The first thing on my list was accomplished with little difficulty. Almost an entire day was spent wandering through myung-dong looking for all the Korean fashion I have fallen in love with on this trip but have been unable to buy due to the space limitations of my backpack.  On the second day of our return to Seoul, we accomplished my second goal. The four of us remaining (Gaby was on a plane to Japan at the time) went with Brother Anthony to a tea tasting. After a round of green tea, padiocha, three puers, and another round of green tea, I can honestly say I had my daily fill of delicious tea. The last goal has been met throughout the trip and the last few days were no exception. From Nepali cuisine to fried chicken to that last waffle from a street vendor, all the food was delicious.I am sad to leave such a wonderful country, but I am glad that I had such a wonderful experience.

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