An Unexpected Gift

ChowYu strikes again, this time literally with his calligraphy brush.

After our last discussion at Wisteria, Yu asked me “what can I do for your Institute” and the first answer out of my mouth (before I could ask for HongYin) was “ART”. We had spent a lot of time talking about the phenomenology behind creating a space suitable for the contemplation and discussion of tea, as well as (tea) science, (tea) philosophy, (tea) art; a place where people wouldn’t come to talk about the latest trend or fashion, or if they did, a place that would drive them to deeper contemplation.

So, the Tea Institute is lacking in art and proper setting.

Chow Yu has helped us to remedy that with a beautiful piece!

It reads:

ChaShi (knowing tea)
Is the analysis of tea the end,
or is the study the key for contemplation,
to understand the great universe?
Encourage Penn State Universities Blue and White Tea
House to teach the next generation of ChaRen!

He also gave us personalized pieces to aid us in our own study. Prized possession #34? I think so!

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