Korea 2012 – A nice snack

I’m what people like to call “an adventurous eater”. Their isn’t much I shy away from, so when the chance to try a local delicacy came up, stewed silk worm, I grabbed the bug by the belly and wondered just how good it would be!

Now this wasn’t my first time eating bugs; I’ve had deep fried crickets in Thailand, wasp larvae in China, a grilled grub that eats hearts of palm in Peru, and some ants here and there but mostly by accident…

Yet their was something poignant about chewing my way through their squishy bodies as Professor Park told me about his childhood having them for lunch, and Brother Anthony told me about how it was the only source of protein in many villages and towns in the aftermath of the Korean War. I doubt many of the American GI’s tried this distinctly Korean dish during their time here.

Sometimes history and culture slip past you and effect you in the strangest ways…

As for the taste? Nutty, sweet, and a little astringent for the finish.

I’d take grub over it any day.

– Jason

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