The Tea Institute’s Experiential Learning Opportunity in Korea

Dear All,

Through a generous grant by Inje University, the Institute has been able to offer its first Experiential Learning opportunity this summer.

Brother Anthony of Sogam University, Professor Pak of Inje University, Tea Master Hong (Hyo-am) and I are leading a group  of 4 Penn State Students through Korea to Study Tea Culture, Tea Production, and Tea Ceramics.

For the Month we are in Korea, these students will live and work alongside a variety of individuals, and begin to form their own ideas and framework of understanding for how tea fits into the culture and history of Korea.

Yet, I am sure they will come home with much more than that; tea touches on every aspect of life, and it is through the study of a relatively small subject that they will come to a deeper understanding of the whole.

Thankfully for all of us, they will be guest-posting some of their experiences on this blog!

All the Best,


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