Korea 2012 Guest Post – Gaby Parker

Korea 2012 Guest Post – Gaby Parker

Annyeonghaseyo! Hi, I’m Gaby Parker, the Director of Marketing for The Tea Institute at Penn State, writing to you from the Tea Guesthouse in Seoul, South Korea! So far, we have been here for four days and it has been a completely amazing time! This is my first time in South Korea and I hope it’s not my last, I love it here!

What I find so interesting about Seoul is the mix of old and new throughout the city! You can literally turn a corner in the middle of the business side of the city and find a traditional palace, a great view of mountains, or a stream to dangle your feet in when you need a break from the heat. You usually don’t find that in rural Pennsylvania! And then there is Korean food…from night stalls, fresh markets, cafes, hofs, barbecue and traditional Korean meal restaurants, it doesn’t get much better. Seoul seems like a such active and lively city, day and night no less. It’s cool to see the different crowds of people moving along the streets throughout the day.

In the morning, you have the children, office workers going to their respective locations, school and work, where they will be spending the day.  For us, wake up call for breakfast was at 815….we always knew it was time to leave the room when we would hear the laughter of children, a meowing cat, or the mechanical tune a truck selling fruit would play as it drove down the street!

Then, during the afternoon there would be a mad rush of people, usually always in a group of two or more, taking a lunch break at a restaurant or cafe nearby. A couple hours later, that same rush would be leaving work and making the trip by foot, train, subway, or bus to home or dinner.

In one of my favorite parts if Seoul, Hongdae, a social hub for young adults, people would race through the streets with their friends going out to eat, to drink, and shop!

That’s just some things I’ve noticed during my time here in Seoul and I cannot wait to see more!  Till next time!

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