Extreme ChaXi – Taiwan Coast

Extreme ChaXi – Taiwan Coast

What could be more extreme than making ChaXi on a rocky outcropping jutting into the ocean as typhoon driven waves crash violently against the rocks next to you and the rain pounds down with drops the size of hail (seriously, it started hailing as soon as we got back on the bike!) ?

Perhaps nothing but Okapi hunting.

For this session, we decided to escape the rain chilled cold of our beings for the warmth in our minds brought to us by Stephan’s 2011 Winter GaoShan HungShui. It’s dark and malty body with just-enough-roast to be a seriously punchy GaoShan make this the rainy day tea of choice. I’d double down on the dose any typhoon-day.

Pat touched the Pacific Ocean for the first time and was nearly swallowed by a wave right after this was taken. By the end of it, we were soaked to the bones but contented by our continuing conquest of the competing ChaXi world.

Upping the bar – one brew at a time.

Migrated Comments:

Billabongk Charlotte

Look’s like a dangerous tea session! What was the tea like in such extreme conditions (more or less intense as usual)?
I really find the first picture eye-catching, with the contrasts and deep colors. Very interesting.

Jason's Reply:

Dear Charlotte,

The tea was defiantly different,
the higher humidity and moisture in the air reduced the teas roasty flavor and give it more of a mineral-ey aroma,
and the wind made it difficult to keep the temperature up necessitating longer brews.

dodging the occasional wave made it difficult to give the tea our full attention.

Extreme ChaXi is about many things, but intense beauty and high adrenaline are both necessities!

All the Best,

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