10 Years Strong: a reunion with my Korean tea friends

10 Years Strong: a reunion with my Korean tea friends
Ik Joon, Kim Wan Jun, Jason, and Hyoam drinking something other than tea... 

I had the great pleasure of hosting my dear friends Ik Joon and Hyoam at my tea room, for a session focused on Yixing and Oolong. I first met Hyoam in 2011, when I traveled to Korea to bring the country's tea tradition back to the Tea Institute at Penn State. I met Ik Joon the following year, when leading the Institute's first Experiential Learning Opportunity abroud.

Over the 10+ years we've been friends, they've hosted me in Korea many times.

My most recent time in Korea (excluding airports), April 2019.

With this visit, I've finally had the chance to return their legendary hospitality, visiting a few of my favorite spots in NYC over 2 evenings. We were joined by my new friend Kim Wan Jun, an up and coming tea producer on his family's tea garden in Hadong.

Pizza, Pasta, and Beer - very NYC

Here's to the next 10 years of reunions!

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